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START TIME: 09:00 A.M.

END TIME: 18:00

LOCATION: Fuquene, Cundinamarca, Colombia


RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Confortable shoes, jacket/raincoat, binoculars and camera.


In this tour you will explore one of the largest natural lakes in the Colombian Andes, under the guidance of a foundation responsible for the protection and care of the lagoon. Then you will visit a craft where you have the opportunity to make your own crafts with the help of a craftsman in the region. In the afternoon, we will take a boat ride across the lagoon to observe migratory birds and native to the region. Finally we will hike a small mountain at the edge of the lagoon, where you will be in contact with the forest typical of the region and enjoy a beautiful view, as dusk arrives.


How much does it cost? Our idea is to allow you to meet these beautiful lake and the mountains Therefore our rates include the entrance tickets, the guide, the transfers and our guides profesionalism for an excellent price. This price varies according to the number of people booking tour. The bigger the group of people, the less you will pay per person:











Number of people

Price per person in Colombian Pesos

Price per person in USD



540.000 Pesos

310 USD


295.000 Pesos

169 USD


185.000 Pesos

106 USD


158.000 Pesos

90 USD


140.000 Pesos

80 USD


118.000 Pesos

67 USD

10 - 18

100.000 Pesos

58 USD

19 ó más

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